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“Sincerely thank you (she said with tears of joy)”

Receiving messages like this about my book Starting Over: Stories of New Beginnings makes me love what I do all the much more! Thank you all for your continued support!

Sincerely thank you (she said with tears of joy) for bringing families and friends together and the best part about this book is the journey that has brought me to tears of joy today too for all the groups of people in classrooms with youth and their families I’ve been able to have talk to since helping to raise awareness about divorce parent bashing and the importance of unconditional love) thank you so very much for bring my dream I had no idea that was in me to give to the world to life. Blessing to you Eileen xox

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“an amazing book filled with genuine, heartfelt stories…”

Thank you Debbie Zimmerman for leaving this review of Starting Over: Stories of New Beginnings on Amazon:

ByDebbie Zimmermannon September 18, 2017:

What an amazing book filled with genuine, heartfelt stories from people all over the world. Every author has a unique story to tell. I couldn’t put the book down once I started reading it. This book will make you laugh, smile and cry. Thank you Eileen Doyon for inspiring people to write from the heart about their own personal experiences. What a wonderful learning opportunity for all of us!

Review of Starting Over by Keith Lane

Thank you Keith Lane for this wonderful review of Starting Over: Stories of New Beginnings!

Starting Over

Everyone has a story. Some are bold enough to write about their personal tragedies, failures, and redemption. Author Eileen Doyon understands these stories very well, as she has lived through her own personal pain and had the courage to write about it. She intuitively knew there were many other good people who experienced their own hardships and would be willing to share them publicly in ‘Starting Over’. Eileen Doyon’s previous ‘Unforgettable Faces & Stories’ book was a bestseller. ‘Starting Over’ will soon receive that esteemed honor. I highly recommend you read this book. You will be immersed in 53 powerful and moving chapters written by 53 different people, including Eileen. You will not only be inspired to overcome your own difficult times, you will realize you are not alone.

-Keith Lane
Founder, Partner, Creative Director of Arnold Fortuna Lane & Cabot
(now Arnold Worldwide)

Reviews | Unforgettable Faces & Stories Reviews

“Beautiful Book with a powerful message…”

Thank you AE for leaving this review of Starting Over: Stories of New Beginnings on Amazon!

By AE on September 24, 2017

Beautiful book with a powerful message written by equally special author. I enjoyed each story and found all to be inspirational, hopeful, and a reminder of the importance of pushing forward always and celebrating the rewards and life lessons learned in the art of persevering & starting over. I have enjoyed each of her books and follow author on social media. Her every day post is full of positive affirmations and inspiration-all should follow her and her life stories! She lives her heart and carries her mission in all she does… in fact, she has been known to do beautiful acts of kindness clear across the US and is a source of compassion and encouragement for many, Thank you, Eileen Doyon, for your beautiful works and beautiful you!

Eileen Doyon on The Ride Along Show

Eileen Doyon on The Ride Along Show 9/21/17

I was recently invited to speak on the Ride Along Show and really enjoyed chatting with Ride Along’s awesome hosts George Holt and Gil Contreras, both former Law Enforcement. You can catch a replay of the interview here: (my interview starts at about 14:14 and runs until 26:15)

Thank you to Morris Media Studio’s for having me on your network, it’s greatly appreciated!