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Thank a First Responder T-Shirts NOW AVAILABLE

We are so very excited to introduce our T-shirts to support The First Responder Children’s Foundation.  This Foundation is dedicated to helping children and families of fallen First Responders.  The Foundation provides financial support to children whose parent has been killed or permanently disabled in the line of duty, as well as to families enduring financial hardships due to a line of duty loss.  It is a nationwide Foundation.

Unforgettable Faces and Stories’ theme of our eighth book is, Tributes and Dedications to First Responders.  We owe so much to each and every one of them, men, women, and our four legged friends, dogs and horses.

This book will be amazing and the stories will be so varied in their tributes. 

We are proud to involve kids with this book.  What do kids ages 5 and up think of when they hear “First Responder”, who are they in their minds, what do they look like, and what do you think their story is?  Kids are our future First Responders with big shoes to fill. 

We are inviting schools to participate and have students draw a First Responder.  We are taking that drawing and adding other drawings to create a T-shirt.  The T-shirts theme, “Thank a First Responder.”  We will have a canvas bag available as well.  A percentage of T-shirt and canvas bag sales goes directly to The First Responder Children’s Foundation.  Kids helping kids!

We are so honored to support this Foundation!  Come and join us! 

To order your shirt, Fill out the attached TAFR TSHIRT ORDER Form and return to

Thank a First Responder T-Shirt | Unforgettable Faces and StoriesThank a First Responder T-Shirt | Unforgettable Faces and Stories

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“Great Book!” – Kathi on Starting Over

Thank you Kathi for leaving this review of Starting Over on Amazon! We love knowing that we help others become storytellers. Thank you for being a part of our community of storytellers!

ByKathy Kohler Schwartz on March 5, 2018

I especially love this book because I was published in it! 🙂
This is such a great collection of inspirational stories by men and women who endured and found their ways after starting over.


Sharing our Hearts in Letters to Heaven

Tracy Smith on Letters to Heaven

Thank you Tracy Smith for sending me this beautiful message about Letters to Heaven and for being a part of our community of storytellers!

“In my book “Little ‘Bits’ of Buford” I mentioned my friend, Eileen Doyon’s, book “Letters to Heaven”. Eileen’s book is one that allowed people to write a letter to their loved ones who have gone on before them. Writing is such a therapeutic way of releasing emotions for any reason. I used to do this as a teenager not realizing at that time how therapeutic it was. I would write down whatever I wanted and then tear it up. A great release for anything. In Eileen’s book is the letter I finally got the strength to write to my daddy in heaven. If you’ve lost a loved one, what would YOU say to them if you could? I guess an even more important question would be is; what would your loved one write about you? Check out my friend Eileen Doyon’s Book, “Letters to Heaven” to see how people have expressed their love for their loved ones gone on before them.”

You can find out more about Tracy on her website.

Life's Changes | The Second My Life Changed Forever

On Life’s Peaks & Valleys: The Second My Life Changed Forever

The book that talks about life’s peaks and valleys, “The Second My Life Changed Forever”…stories of Life Changing Moments.

* We all have stories to tell.

*We all need to heal, and to be inspired, and to inspire others, thru this journey of life.

*We all need to realize that we are not alone. Others have traveled thru bumps and curves in their journey. Learn from others.

*We are a movement of “everyday people” who are storytellers and readers.

*Most of us say at one point in our life, “I want to write a book”. Have YOUR story published in one of Unforgettable Faces and Stories’ theme.

Be a contributor to our next theme……”Tributes and Dedications to First Responders“……details coming out soon. Join our email list and like / share our Facebook page.