Our next theme is…

So many people have been asking, “What is the next theme of your book series?” Here you go………please watch and see! If you decide that you would like to participate, we will start taking stories after January 1st due to the holidays being upon us. Details posted on our coming soon page. This will be an amazing theme and look forward in reading YOUR Story Told by YOU! My own story involves ruby shoes…and wait til you see and hear our weekly plans……I truly appreciate your continued support and encouragement!

Fresh Look on Life Interview

I am so honored and humbled to have had an opportunity to be interviewed by Cindy Nolte of Fresh Look on Life!  This interview is for all of YOU that have participated in one of my book series, or who will be participating in a series in the future.  Unforgettable Faces and Stories gives YOU an opportunity to tell YOUR story on a particular theme to heal, inspire, and to be heard.  You will hear how my mission started, why, and how I will continue to help as many people as I can.  I invite you to watch and to become part of our movement of readers and storytellers!


The Second My Life Changed Forever

“Truly inspirational”

Review on The Second My Life Changed Forever posted on Amazon.com on 7/6/16:

The book is truly inspirational. It completely amazes me the struggles that we face can transform us to something incredibly great and we all have a true purpose in life to inspire each other. I recommend this book to everyone to read especially those who are suffering in life, you can overcome it and inspire others yourself. A MUST READ!!!

-Amazon customer