YOUR story told by YOU! Have a story you’d like to share? Submit your photos and stories for inclusion in our next book in the Unforgettable Faces & Stories series

OUR NEXT PROJECT — Starting Over, A New Beginning — AVAILABLE NOW!

Please watch the video below to find out more about this exiting project! If you decide that you would like to participate, we will start taking stories after January 1st due to the holidays being upon us. This content outline can be used as a “guideline” to help you start your story.

This will be an amazing theme and look forward in reading YOUR Story Told by YOU! My story involves ruby shoes…………I truly appreciate your continued support and encouragement!


IMPORTANT: To submit your story, download our submission and release form. Email completed forms to Please email us in advance to let us know you are participating; We will use as many stories as possible but may not be able to publish all of them.


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