“Thank you Eileen for telling your story at the library…your emotions tugged at my heart and gave so much more meaning to each title of your Unforgettable Faces and Stories series. As Dr. Seuss once wrote…’You’re Off to Great Places’! Hugs, <3” -Vicki


“I really appreciate all of the birthday cards, calls, texts and Facebook messages! I had great family time over the weekend, including a scrumptious cake with trick candles (video may someday be shared of that hilarious moment). I woke up yesterday to a great card from the kids accompanied by a beautiful Christmas ivy and was then taken to breakfast by my dearest friend, Stephanie. Stephanie got me the most amazing gift that could never be topped (except of course the gift of my children from their father ) She had a story about our friendship and how much I mean to her (including pics of us together-past and present) published in a book titled “Best Friends Forever and Ever” by Eileen Doyon. I sobbed like a baby the whole way through the story. What a special gift from the most special friend!” -Mariellen



“Thank you Eileen for allowing me to share my sweet Dad with everyone. I enjoyed writing our story. It brought back some great memories for me and my siblings. I also enjoyed reading the stories of the other Dads and daughters. What a great way to have paid tribute to them.” By Eileen Truman on January 14, 2014


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