“A Book of Hope and Affirmation”

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5.0 out of 5 stars. For anyone bereaved this is a book of hope and an affirmation that we are stronger than we think.

ByMrs Ron May 20, 2017

Format: Kindle Edition

A set of very moving, emotional and honest letters to loved ones who have passed on. The way the letters are written and the way it’s put together makes what I expected to be a very painful read into something inspiring. I hope, because of this book, I can find the strength to write my own letter to heaven.

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Ella de Jong – Energizing Communication – Bureau Uil shared a Page — feeling lucky.
I wrote a chapter for a book about “A New Beginning.” . Today I got this mail: “Hello Ella, your amazing, inspiring story will be added to my book!!!!! YOU are awesome and I can so relate. YOU rock!!!! Big hugs……we would like the book to be released 8/1… ”
Hmmm, at least someone is happy with my struggles 🙂
It’s not how many times you fall down, it’s about how you rise afterwards!
https://business.facebook.com/unforgettablefacesandstories/… . Thank you Unforgettable Faces and Stories! You made my day!

The Second My Life Changed Forever

“A must read.”

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This is a must read for anyone who has enjoyed the Unforgettable Faces and Stories series by Eileen Donyon. This installment brings the reader back into the world of everyday people, and how life can change in a blink of an eye and how to adjust to those changes and come out on top. These are stories that will inspire and fill you with hope and inspiration. These are not made up or out of someones imagination. They are real. As real as the people who wrote them. I highly suggest this book and series as it will fill you with hope and love and maybe, just maybe they can help you find your way through the struggles of life.

The Second My Life Changed Forever

“Truly inspirational”

Review on The Second My Life Changed Forever posted on Amazon.com on 7/6/16:

The book is truly inspirational. It completely amazes me the struggles that we face can transform us to something incredibly great and we all have a true purpose in life to inspire each other. I recommend this book to everyone to read especially those who are suffering in life, you can overcome it and inspire others yourself. A MUST READ!!!

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“Three words to describe the book: raw, real, and instructive. …”

“These are real people who left behind loved ones who are still reflecting on their losses”

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Three words to describe the book: raw, real, and instructive. It is “raw” in the sense that Eileen allows the authors of the letters to speak for themselves. “Real” refers to the nature of the book: these are real people who left behind loved ones who are still reflecting on their losses. I believe that the book is “instructive” in multiple ways. It is instructive to those who will in the future experience similar losses. Simply reading the stories of others and how they processed the events will prepare those who have yet to walk the same path. To those who have already lost loved ones, the book can be an encouragement–they will be reminded that they are not alone in the struggle. Friends, family members, and counselors will gain insight into the inner world of the bereaved, and will thereby be able to support them more effectively.

Beth on Letters to Heaven

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This is the sweetest book I have read. There are times I would love to talk to my husband. Never thought about writing him a letter. Until …I read this book. I had the most wonderful feeling reading letters written to the love ones that crossed over to Heaven. People sat down and poured their heart out in the letters. I am thankful I had the chance to read this precious book. If you just lost a love one I suggest you purchase this book. Your heart will not carry a heavy burden. The letters will lift this burden. You cry because you are reading the best written letters..At times I felt a part of the family. This book is a keepsake..

Karen Franco reviews Letters to Heaven

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Eileen compiled a beautiful tribute to many wonderful people who have passed away. She gave others the opportunity to write a special message to their loved one which not only allows healing, but it gives readers a chance to hear some heartfelt tributes. The book is personal yet inspiring to know how much the ones who have gone meant to the people how wrote the letters. I’m one of those writers…the letter to my mom gave me a chance to say the things that I wasn’t able to tell her before she passed away. Writing the letter was emotional for me, but I’m proud of how the book turned out and the fact that others can read about my beautiful and loving mom.

Logan Beth Fisher shares about Letters To Heaven

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“30 years to the day that my grandmother gave me her locket, I received THIS in the mail. I am so honored that an essay of mine about her is part of this fabulous book that Amazon calls a “Hot New Release”! I think my grandmother approves. If you’ve ever missed a loved one that has passed away–go and get this book. Such beauty between the covers!” -Logan Beth Fisher, posted on Facebook, May 16, 2015


Letters To Heaven ~ Ila Gauthier 11113803_463040957192503_6840329661072766803_n 11244900_463040973859168_3924071143414458353_n

“A Patriotic Tribute to Fatherhood…”

“In this beautifully done 53 page patriotic memorial tribute: “Dedications Dads and Daughters” by Goodreads author Eileen Doyon, recalls her loving father USMC John Peter Donbeck (YoS: 1942-1945) who battled in Iwo Jima. There are several other short tributes written by daughters of their fathers serving in all branches of service, some short tours of a few years to fathers retiring from military career service, typically 20 or more years.
Not all fathers discussed their military service (as my own father), some did. One daughter recalled that her father supported the Viet Nam War, but was deeply saddened over his part in bombing mission supports, and all the innocent people who lost their lives. One military wife recalled it wasn’t a “sacrifice” at all to move a lot and meet new people. One veteran father stood ready to be recalled into active duty, he was in his 60’s. Personally, I was deeply grateful for the USAF support of military families stationed overseas.

I love the haunting beautiful book cover, its heartbreaking. There are pages of wonderful photographs of the fathers in and out of uniform, with their daughters and families, also with their units and on duty. Special thanks Eileen, for this lovely signed keepsake book, I won in the Goodreads giveaway.
Also in memory of our veterans taken from us by family estrangement, divorce, alcoholism, addiction, mental illness. Rest in Peace, blessings to those left behind.
USN:(1949-1953) V.F. Lawrence (1931-1997) ~ USAF:(1952-1974) Retired T.Sgt. T.R. Short (1932-1998) ~ USAF:(1975-1988) T.Sgt. J.H. Short (1956-2010) ~
US Army S.Sgt. Nathan L. Wyrick ~ (October 10, 2011 ~ Kandahar Province, Afghanistan) ~”

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