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Starting Over Review by April McGinnis

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ByApril McGinnis on September 17, 2017

The latest addition to a wonderful series of books by an awesome author and collaborator. Eileen Doyon has a gift for capturing the essence of the human heart and for sharing the incredible stories of so many people. These stories will warm your soul and inspire you. We are reminded that starting over can be the simultaneously letting go of something we are accustomed to and the accepting and even welcoming of something new. It can be radical or it can be small little steps we take on our journey. It can be forced upon us and heart breaking or it can be an opportunity, either way, often it is life altering. We can learn from the heart felt words inside this treasure of a book.

Starting Over | Unforgettable Faces & Stories

Unforgettable words from my friend Melinda Cox Hall

I am sharing these Unforgettable words from my friend Melinda Cox Hall…my mission… help people heal….to inspire….to have people be able to tell their story…and also let people know about Amanda Coleman Dublin who is on a marvelous mission as well….to help our veterans and first responders…

Many thanks to my dear friend Eileen Doyon for sending me a message several months ago…. “Tell me your story…everybody has one.” Yes we do, Eileen. We have never met, but hopefully we will soon. Eileen is a huge supporter of our #Troops #Veterans and #FirstResponders.

She has published my story in her new book which was released in August. I was apprehensive in the beginning. It was a very difficult story to write, but it was a healing experience. I highly recommend all of her books. They are pure inspiration. You have earned your wings, Eileen. Your ‘healing mission’ is a success.
Eileen’s book can be purchased on Amazon.
Starting Over” Unforgettable Faces and Stories (Volume 7)

I would also like to thank Amanda Coleman Dublin for posting my story on her new site which supports Military and First Responders. You are all extraordinary human beings who go above and beyond to protect us. All three of us hold our heroes near & dear in our hearts. We cannot thank you enough for your service.
Amanda truly is an Irish Angel🍀
To Eileen & to Amanda, God bless you both. 💙♥️

Love always,


John Wright Hall

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Review | Unforgettable Faces & Stories Reviews

Starting Over Review by Richard Montgomery

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Richard L. Montgomery on August 21, 2017

Eileen Doyon does it again! She is a seasoned professional who is able to put together an outstanding cast of characters who have faced, in many cases, sadness and sorrow, and were able to “Start Over.” Inspiring to say the least! A great read for all!

“A Book of Hope and Affirmation”

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5.0 out of 5 stars. For anyone bereaved this is a book of hope and an affirmation that we are stronger than we think.

ByMrs Ron May 20, 2017

Format: Kindle Edition

A set of very moving, emotional and honest letters to loved ones who have passed on. The way the letters are written and the way it’s put together makes what I expected to be a very painful read into something inspiring. I hope, because of this book, I can find the strength to write my own letter to heaven.