“I couldn’t put it down…” -Jeanne on Dedications: Dads & Daughters

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“I have never been much of a book reader, more newspaper and yes, AARP magazine and news letter! I received a complimentary copy of Eileen’s book Dedications Dads And Daughters. I couldn’t put it down…so personal, peoples own words and what they remembered. I know personally so many that contributed such fascinating memories. Eileen…taking others thoughts and words and creating your books, I’m a reader now! I have since read Pet Tales and Best Friends!” -Jeanne T.


Review of Pet Tales by Eileen Doyon

“I was thrilled to read another book written by Eileen Doyon called Pet Tales, I am a serious cat and animal lover, there are so many wonderful tales about all kinds of pets and their owners and what their animals mean to them,Can’t wait till the next one comes out, great job, thanks for also letting me add my story, my cat meckie from East Berlin her books will make a lot of people happy, great job, Eileen Doyon, can’t wait to see you in New Hampshire.” – Ulla Marggraf on Amazon.com 8/4/2014

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“Heart warming and inspiring”

“Heart warming and inspiring. What an incredible read and sharing of Pet Tales by Eileen Doyon. Heart warming stories of people’s pets and inspiring stories from service animals such as The Mighty Quinn. Randy Pierce, from 2020 Vision Quest, shared an amazing story of the work between he and Quinn. Tears came to my eyes as I read their inspiring and up lifting story. I was truly amazed while reading at their accomplishments. I look forward to seeing Randy in person and his speaking engagements to hear more of his work. Thank you Eileen Doyon for sharing these stories!” -Kathleen Roderick on Amazon.com 8/5/14

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