Fresh Look on Life Interview

I am so honored and humbled to have had an opportunity to be interviewed by Cindy Nolte of Fresh Look on Life!  This interview is for all of YOU that have participated in one of my book series, or who will be participating in a series in the future.  Unforgettable Faces and Stories gives YOU an opportunity to tell YOUR story on a particular theme to heal, inspire, and to be heard.  You will hear how my mission started, why, and how I will continue to help as many people as I can.  I invite you to watch and to become part of our movement of readers and storytellers!


4 thoughts on “Fresh Look on Life Interview

  1. I truly enjoyed your Show and your Interview with Eileen Doyon i had the privledge to meet Eileen 2 years ago in Portsmouth NH,for Lunch,she is such a beautiful Lady Inside and out,i also had the chance to share my stories in 4 of her books,i always wanted to write my Story,growing up behind the Iron curtain in comunis Germany in the 1950 after escaping that Life and taking my journey to America,after i Met Eileen i got my courage up and am strongly thinking about following my dream and to put it down on paper,thank You Eileen Doyon you are my special Friend..Dankeschoen..

  2. Sandy Fisher

    This “interview” was much more like a conversation between friends. You could tell that Eileen and Cindy were really connected and really understood each other. Can’t wait to see the next one after Eileen’s 7th book!

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