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“Sincerely thank you (she said with tears of joy)”

Receiving messages like this about my book Starting Over: Stories of New Beginnings makes me love what I do all the much more! Thank you all for your continued support!

Sincerely thank you (she said with tears of joy) for bringing families and friends together and the best part about this book is the journey that has brought me to tears of joy today too for all the groups of people in classrooms with youth and their families I’ve been able to have talk to since helping to raise awareness about divorce parent bashing and the importance of unconditional love) thank you so very much for bring my dream I had no idea that was in me to give to the world to life. Blessing to you Eileen xox

2 thoughts on ““Sincerely thank you (she said with tears of joy)”

  1. Jennifer

    I am Blessed. Motivated. Hard on myself and for reasons to share because I was a skilled student learning more about who I am and was and with endless roadblocks I did not get where I am today because of anything other than hard work and dedication and loyalty, Faith and Hope, Blessings, Determination and the Support through shared Stories by Eileen Doyon… Thank you again Elizabeth Joyce, my Hero, my friend, my Best Best Best Friend because of your ability to share with me your voice when Humbly or Boldly I think I always have to smile, when sometimes I just want to be serious. Sometimes I just want to read, write, train and go home and get a good night’s sleep and wake up extra early or stay up late and study… Whatever works, proud of All of You in my prayers and thoughts! Humbly yours, Jennifer Hope

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