The Chili Contest and Beer Fest

Last Saturday, Danny and I went to my home town of Fort Edward, New York. Danny entered a chili contest. He had to be there at 11:30am to set up. While he was setting up, I went to meet with the owners of The Station which is a restaurant and retail shop. After my introduction and conversations with them, they offered to sell my books in their store! I am very excited and appreciative. They are keeping to the theme of “local”. Please see their FaceBook page, The Station, and “like” them. Better yet, stop in and have lunch there! The food and people are awesome!
Danny was one of 26 entries. He is an excellent cook and the competition was on! It was awesome to see all the local people sharing their chili with everyone as people voted……..for me, it was so fun seeing familiar faces, catching up, meeting kids of people that I went to school with, and making new friends. One of the local restaurant owners, Neal, was in charge of the beer. All local Adirondack beers, and all good! Neal owns the Anvil Inn. A great restaurant with great food, and great people. You need to stop in for lunch or dinner sometime. We ate there after the chili fest. The cranberry pudding is outstanding!! Please see them on FaceBook and “like” their page. My dad actually did the sandblasting years ago there when it was originally a stable being converted to a business……amazing having so many ties growing up there…….a Small Town.
The afternoon was flying by. The chili contest was being held at Roger’s Island Visitor’s Center. It was built 11 years ago. I had never been there before which I’m embarrassed to say. Amazing how we grow up and never see things in our own back yard. They have done such a great job there with all the history of the original Fort. They had it opened so we could go thru and tour. One gentleman was so happy to tell you anything you wanted to know about the history there. Please see their FaceBook page and “like”….Roger’s Island Visitor’s Center. So much to take in. I need to go back for another tour and more pictures.
Danny earned third place in the contest! So proud of him…and yes, the Fire Dept won first prize!!!!!! Great support there and excited for them! Small Towns are such a tight community. They are always promoting and helping one another……huge hearts…..thus is my next series……Small Town Memories. It is very dear and close to my heart……
So…if you grew up in a Small Town and have incredible happy, fun memories…please visit my website, and see the outline. I would love for YOU to share YOUR story and pictures of YOUR small town that YOU grew up in……

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