It was a great weekend for Boston Sports! The Patriots and Red Sox, how we love our teams! Being a transplant from a “small town” in upstate New York, how can you not become a Boston Fan! I love football and anxiously wait for the season to start. We all have our own “traditions” as we watch the game. Whatever they are. The excitement, being on the edge, the cheering, the tailgating, whether at Gillette Stadium or right at home. Watching the game is an event! We even have a new fan at work, Romeo, our work pet! We all have our “pets” that become part of the family and group, and lots of “tales” to tell about our new friend! Well, Romeo is settling in and has become a fan as you can see! My dad loved to be here watching the games. He would get a kick out of watching me as I jumped up and down and screamed at the TV, and he especially loved to watch baseball. I know he would be rooting for the Red Sox tonight! He would sit in his favorite chair with his ball cap on and enjoy eating our game food. He would always stay up til the end of the game no matter how late. Somehow I know he is looking down and waiting for the game to start shortly. I could write him a “letter to heaven” and tell him who won, but somehow I know that he will be watching as well. I sure do miss him………enjoy the game………..