“In this beautifully done 53 page patriotic memorial tribute: “Dedications Dads and Daughters” by Goodreads author Eileen Doyon, recalls her loving father USMC John Peter Donbeck (YoS: 1942-1945) who battled in Iwo Jima. There are several other short tributes written by daughters of their fathers serving in all branches of service, some short tours of a few years to fathers retiring from military career service, typically 20 or more years.
Not all fathers discussed their military service (as my own father), some did. One daughter recalled that her father supported the Viet Nam War, but was deeply saddened over his part in bombing mission supports, and all the innocent people who lost their lives. One military wife recalled it wasn’t a “sacrifice” at all to move a lot and meet new people. One veteran father stood ready to be recalled into active duty, he was in his 60’s. Personally, I was deeply grateful for the USAF support of military families stationed overseas.

I love the haunting beautiful book cover, its heartbreaking. There are pages of wonderful photographs of the fathers in and out of uniform, with their daughters and families, also with their units and on duty. Special thanks Eileen, for this lovely signed keepsake book, I won in the Goodreads giveaway.
Also in memory of our veterans taken from us by family estrangement, divorce, alcoholism, addiction, mental illness. Rest in Peace, blessings to those left behind.
USN:(1949-1953) V.F. Lawrence (1931-1997) ~ USAF:(1952-1974) Retired T.Sgt. T.R. Short (1932-1998) ~ USAF:(1975-1988) T.Sgt. J.H. Short (1956-2010) ~
US Army S.Sgt. Nathan L. Wyrick ~ (October 10, 2011 ~ Kandahar Province, Afghanistan) ~”

posted May 1, 2014 on Amazon.com by Michael Short