These flags were ordered by my home town/Ft. Edward, NY.. and vendor made error in measurement….they will hang throughout the Village…..thus they had to make new ones, and gave everyone a flag that ordered one. Patty Suprenant messaged me and Friday she sent it out. I thought, wow, it would have been nice to have for Father’s Day….they told her due to Covid, it would not make it here for 7-10 days…UPS delivered a box from Brave America…..where I ordered a large wooden flag to hang in our living room, made by combat Veterans. There was a tube that came with it as well….Danny said that the hardware and directions are probably in there and open first, which I did….I opened and unrolled…….my dad’s flag!!!! You see, it came the very, very next day…..a coincidence, I do not think so… dad wanted to be there for me for Father’s Day and know that he is watching out for me……Happy Father’s Day…..I am getting a hanging flower to put right by the side…..and yes, tears of joy…..