Best Friends: Forever and Ever

best friend
Best Friends: Forever and Ever We all have that one special person, our best friend, that is or was always there thru thick and thin, good times and bad times, reward times and get in trouble times……In life, we meet so many people and have made new friends……but who is your “Best Friend”? Was it someone that was a childhood friend, your sister, your brother, your father or mother, your husband or your wife, or was it your dog named Boo???
While reading “Best Friends, Forever and Ever” I saw so many examples of what “true friends” are all about. Our lives are not always perfect and it’s the friends who stick by you in both the good and bad times that are true friends. These stories of friendship are both happy and sad. Some will make you laugh and some will make you cry. They will definitely make you think about your friends and the impact that they have had on your life. Joan

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2 days ago

Unforgettable Faces and Stories

Unforgettable…….Pearl Harbor – 12/7/1941 God bless the men and women……. God bless our great countryUnforgettable…….Pearl Harbor – 12/7/1941 God bless the men and women……. God bless our great country

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three years went by fast…..I am promoting my book "Starting Over, Stories of New Beginnings" my seventh book….always remember………YOU do have the power…..

there’s no place like home and YOU have the power all along…my dear!

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