Best Friends: Forever and Ever

best friend
Best Friends: Forever and Ever We all have that one special person, our best friend, that is or was always there thru thick and thin, good times and bad times, reward times and get in trouble times……In life, we meet so many people and have made new friends……but who is your “Best Friend”? Was it someone that was a childhood friend, your sister, your brother, your father or mother, your husband or your wife, or was it your dog named Boo???
While reading “Best Friends, Forever and Ever” I saw so many examples of what “true friends” are all about. Our lives are not always perfect and it’s the friends who stick by you in both the good and bad times that are true friends. These stories of friendship are both happy and sad. Some will make you laugh and some will make you cry. They will definitely make you think about your friends and the impact that they have had on your life.

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Lucky 2 is coming out in 2022! It will be Unforgettable...Thank you so much for your support with Lucky, Little Guy, BIG Mission. The book has been doing fabulous. Lucky’s message teaches kids from 2-92 that being different is ok, anti-bullying and to never give up on your dream. Help us to continue to spread Lucky’s journey, and to have your name included in the book! $25 per person and $50 for businesses. Space is limited so hurry fast. This will be another incredible story. We would love to have your support as a sponsor in the book! Due to limited space, it would be your name or business name only. Please go to: this video from January/2019. Christy talks about Lucky, aka Tiny Tim, having a “very special mission”! And that he does, along with a BIG Journey! Proceeds help Christy to support her non-profit, Mission Working Dogs. You can purchase Lucky 1 at Trails! ... See MoreSee Less
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Unforgettable...Superstars!!!Go to:ALL MAINE CREATURES CASTING CALL! | Maine these sweet pictures #287 &291 You will see other familiar faces there too!!Lucky and friend......Lucky and Moxie at a Bruins game! ... See MoreSee Less
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Written by Jay Lucas...Stories That Inspire: Eileen DoyonRecently, I became acquainted with a local author who is determined to support veterans and help them reflect on their emotions. She also knows how to communicate the love and affection that dogs can bring to our lives – and much more. Eileen Doyon is an accomplished writer of children’s books and resides here in Portsmouth. She and I both grew up in small towns and today call Portsmouth home. A few years back Eileen lost her father, a veteran. Make no mistake about it, no matter how old we are or how many kids we have, when we lose a parent, we all feel the same sense of emptiness. Rather than wallow in the grief, Eileen’s experience inspired her to start what is known as ‘Unforgettable Faces and Stories.’ This series of books, ranging from pets we love, to honoring our first responders, allows us all to reflect and express our emotions in a very unique way. Her published works share stories of missing loved ones and how it's important that we all share our stories in a way that allows us to grow emotionally and potentially have a positive impact on others. One of Eileen’s recent publications is titled "Lucky...Little Guy, BIG Mission"The book is based on a true story of a disabled veteran who raises Lucky to be a service dog. Lucky would join the over 500,000 dogs helping our veterans and the disabled enjoy a good life. These four-legged companions are there not only for endless love and devotion but help make people’s lives a little bit easier.The book, ‘Unforgettable Faces and Stories’ is truly inspiring. I encourage everyone to visit and learn more about it, order a book, and join Eileen in making a difference. In closing, as you may know I love dogs, and as I suspect you likely have already figured out, every chance I’m able, I enjoy sharing stories about dogs here in the Sunshine Report. I know you will love Eileen’s work and the amazing story about Lucky. Meanwhile, I would be remiss if I didn't also give a little plug here for Hero Pups, a NH based organization specializing in training service dogs and placing them with military families and others in need of love and support. I invite you to visit their site and learn more about this terrific organization: Am sure you will find their mission to be uplifting, positive and worthy of support! ... See MoreSee Less
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