Best friends Rachel and Jen turned 30 in the same year. Here are the poems

they wrote to each other to commemorate the special birthday:

Rachel’s poem to Jen:

Happy Birthday to a girl who’s 30
She’s my best friend and she’s rather flirty.
With her 95 year old men fall in love
Cuz she finally found skinny jeans that fit like a glove.
I wish she would like me more than her dog,
But I just can’t compete with that snorting hog.
Not sure why cause he’s pretty needy-
Oh well, I guess I’m just being greedy.
9 years has passed with this friend of mine,
But we’re a long way off from the end of the line.
Sometimes we giggle so hard we can’t speak,
Especially when we watch “Drive”-we laugh for a week.
People say we’re too much the same,
But that’s what happens when you know someone’s brain.
If you know us well we are quite different,
On our birth certs you won’t find a misprint.
We aren’t sisters or twins with the same mom and dad,
Just friends who replace the sibling neither of us had.
She’s soft, I’m hard.
She’s open, I have a guard.
She’s nice, I’m truth.
She’s logic, I’m youth.
When she’s sad I sing her Justin Bieb,
And she looks at me like I’m a dorky dweeb.
Deep down I know she loves every minute,
And when she sees something I like she will always pin it.
Every brunette needs a blonde best friend,
And that’s why I’ll have her til the bitter end.
Today is the day my roommate was born,
Thanks to her parents and a whole lot of porn!
Love you Jennifer. “What would you do without me?”

Jen’s poem to Rachel:

30 years ago today
Bill and Sandy shouted HORRAY
Baby Rachie Lyn was born
At 1 in the afternoon not the morn
Their second child, a baby girl
With big blue eyes and soft blonde curls
She grew up in SGF on West River Road
The moved to Tanglewood Lane haunted by a ghost
10 years of memories with my best friend
It is just the beginning and far from the end
We met at 20 at SJFC
We bonded instantly, my best friend and me
Some people say we are one in the same
A blonde and brunette who share the same brain
But there are some things that set Rach apart
Her love of Beiber is just the start
She only sleeps on half of her bed
Using the other side for clothes instead
Mint blistex she cant do without
Any other brand will cause her to pout
Her nail polish must match the season
Wearing a scarf doesn’t require a reason
Rachel is very into fashion
Make-up is my thing
Clothes are more her passion
She loves her kids and is firm but funny
She likes laying by the pool and days that are sunny
I promise you will never find
Someone who eats cereal like this friend of mine
For dinner she eats her veggies and dip
A piece of toast or sometimes rice chips
She likes shows and books about relationships and love
The chocolate she enjoys is made by dove
Don’t even mention Game of Thrones
She will slit your throat or break your bones
My best buddy and strong and wise
She is often flirty with her “hey boys”
She likes guys with nice hands and clean nails
If you make her the center of attention you are sure to prevail
Sandy and Bill I can’t thank you enough
For giving me a BEST FRIEND that I truly LOVE!
HAPPY 30th RACHIE!!!!!!