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A story to tell about the title……..my dad loved Mitzi Gaynor.  She is a beautiful dancer and Hollywood actress that has starred since the 1950’s.  My dad always wanted a little girl and when I was born, he wanted to name me Mitzi.  Well, my mother would have nothing to do with that, so Eileen was her choice.  My dad since that day I was born, called me Mitzi or Mitz sometimes for short…….I had several people and some family members that always called me that and now, with only a few of them left, I treasure when I hear someone call me Mitzi.  It warms my heart and I think of “home”…..so dad….this section is in remembrance of you………love you and miss you dearly….   – Eileen (a.k.a. Mitzi).



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5.0 out of 5 stars Our differences make us unique and also connect us.
Obstacles can be big or small, but how we approach them is everything. We love this book. My 8 and 12 year old kids enjoyed it so much and it was meaningful to them in different ways. It’s perfect for all ages.

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It's never ......"just a pet"........they are a part of your "family".....our pets are Unforgettable... ...

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