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A story to tell about the title……..my dad loved Mitzi Gaynor.  She is a beautiful dancer and Hollywood actress that has starred since the 1950’s.  My dad always wanted a little girl and when I was born, he wanted to name me Mitzi.  Well, my mother would have nothing to do with that, so Eileen was her choice.  My dad since that day I was born, called me Mitzi or Mitz sometimes for short…….I had several people and some family members that always called me that and now, with only a few of them left, I treasure when I hear someone call me Mitzi.  It warms my heart and I think of “home”…..so dad….this section is in remembrance of you………love you and miss you dearly….   – Eileen (a.k.a. Mitzi).

Jennifer Sullivan Golubich talks about the words, “Let’s move south” and what they meant to her in Starting Over, Stories of New Beginnings!

"To me, the words “Let’s move south” clearly translated to “Let’s start over.” Starting over three times in two years was not what I planned to do when I agreed to move south, let alone take residence close to the place where I started from. Through all the packing,...

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Jennifer Otts used a setback as a stepping stone to rise above her circumstances, and live life to the fullest. Read her story in, “Starting Over, Stories of New Beginnings”

"Thoroughbreds…such amazing, majestic, and spiritual beings of beauty. Known to most of the world, for their strength and speed, cheating in the sport of kings. Taking charge on the race track. However, the tragic part of being a thoroughbred is hitting their height,...

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Unforgettable Faces and Stories

Unforgettable.......Pearl Harbor - 12/7/1941 God bless the men and women....... God bless our great countryUnforgettable.......Pearl Harbor - 12/7/1941 God bless the men and women....... God bless our great country ...

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three years went by fast.....I am promoting my book "Starting Over, Stories of New Beginnings" my seventh book....always remember.........YOU do have the power.....

there's no place like home and YOU have the power all along...my dear!

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