Read how Elaine Rau pulls herself out of her comfort zone and creates her own success in “Starting Over, Stories of New Beginnings”

"A year out of college my roommate gave me the nickname “the job collector” because I had worked for so many companies and had held so many positions and titles. I usually worked about two to three jobs at once before I would move on from one and go to another. Even...

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Don Warren talks about his journey of finding happiness and making a difference after 9/11 in Starting Over, Stories of New Beginnigs.

"It was a fall day in 2001 when I looked in the mirror and said, “What the hell are you doing here? You don't want to wear that suit.” 9/11 had made me question where my path was leading to, seeing how life can change in an instant. I knew I had a calling; to do...

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Read how Deborah got up one day and finally took action in making her dream happen, and where she is today in “Starting Over, Stories of New Beginnings”.

Officially, my story began in February 2015, although you could say it actually started in the early nineties when I was at primary school. It was then that I discovered a love for creative writing. "Of course, at ten years old, it wasn’t a life changing experience....

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Unforgettable Faces and Stories

Unforgettable.......Pearl Harbor - 12/7/1941 God bless the men and women....... God bless our great countryUnforgettable.......Pearl Harbor - 12/7/1941 God bless the men and women....... God bless our great country ...

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three years went by fast.....I am promoting my book "Starting Over, Stories of New Beginnings" my seventh book....always remember.........YOU do have the power.....

there's no place like home and YOU have the power all dear!

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