Chase Coleman takes you through his journey of how he started over and landed a job that forced him to move cross country to pursue his goal.

"The move from the south to Seattle has truly shaped me into who I am today.  As a college graduate, you think that you have your life mapped out and you are ready to take on the ‘real-world.’  The truth is that we never really have our life fully figured out and...

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Read how Bill Gurnon made a choice that gave him a second chance and changed his life in, “Starting Over, Stories of New Beginnings

"Today, optimism and good choices have blessed me with a happiness I never dreamed possible. I am healthy. Good friends, beautiful music, successful children and a loving wife surround me. I live in a home that’s perfectly suited for my family and my five-acre yard...

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Read how Becky Roy learns how to start over after losing her parents and more in “Starting Over, Stories of New Beginnings”

"How do you repay those who gave you life?  How do you know if they know how much you loved them?  How do you know how to begin your life without them, and not feel guilty, or cry?  All of us will ask these questions at some point in our lives.  While they themselves...

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Anne Pendergrass speaks boldly about her journey after Jack’s death and her anorexic condition battle afterwards in, “Starting Over, Stories of New Beginnings.

"It was the end of the life I cherished. My husband, Jack, lay dying in the bed in front of me. The pain and suffering he endured was a testimony to the love he had for me and our marriage until he drew his final breath". "As the months went by, my anorexic condition...

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Anna Anderson took the leap to start over…….see where she lands…in “Starting Over, Stories of New Beginnings”

Wise words from Anna's story..... "So that is my message to the world – anything is possible if you really want it AND it’s your choice. If you don’t want it be okay with that too, it’s your choice.  If you do want it, then get out and make it happen, don’t give into...

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There Are No Accidents, as Bonnie Groessl tells her story of starting over after a car crash in July, 2009, in Starting Over, Stories of New Beginnings

It was 2009 and things were really going along pretty well in my life. I was happily married (and still am), my kids were grown, and I was busy in my private practice as a holistic nurse practitioner. Looking back, perhaps I was a bit too busy. My thoughts mostly...

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Unforgettable.........the "what seems to be small gift" is sooooo very huge & priceless. My “Ottie” socks. Love them. ..., wearing them tomorrow out to dinner.Thank you Tina Baneena. Love those precious thoughts..... ...

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My illustrator has completed her drawings and now my children's book is on it's way to the publisher. Will give you updates as we move forward.....soooooo exciting... ...

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2 weeks ago

Unforgettable Faces and Stories

Lucky's book is going to the publisher as I type. If you would like to be a sponsor and have your name in the book, you have til the end of the day on Monday, January 13th.... Christy Gardner

“Little guy, BIG mission”…Unforgettable Faces and Stories’ new children’s book! The story of Christy, Moxie, and Lucky. If you are not aware of Lucky’s story please see in link
Targeted to be released in the Spring of 2020. If you would like to have your name in the book and/or your business as a sponsor and be a part of this amazing, inspirational story, please use this link Help us to spread the message on bullying, not giving up, and knowing that it is ok to be different. Minimum $25 per person and $50 for businesses. Space is limited so hurry fast. This will be an incredible journey, and we would love to have your support as a sponsor in the book! You can keep posted by following my Facebook page, Unforgettable Faces and Stories and Little guy, BIG mission Thank you so much for your support!

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