Great Things Happening! I was so blessed and honored this past weekend. I was invited to the Chronicle Book Fair in Glens Falls, New York on Sunday, November 3rd. We arrived early at the gorgeous Queensbury Hotel. It was fun seeing the hotel and remembering all the historic events the hotel represents. I remember it so vividly growing up with the Rialto Theatre right across the street that is no longer there. Everyone started coming in to set up around 9:30am. This was my second Book Fair, but this one was so dear to my heart being right near where I grew up in Fort Edward, New York. We met such awesome people. They were so supportive and ready to share and help however they could. I was asked to speak for an hour and welcomed the opportunity. I got to discuss how I started my books, the process, and where I am going. Friends from my home town came to support me. How precious is that……….priceless…….I was asked by two groups to speak for them in the future and to do a book signing. Very exciting!!!!! This is such an amazing journey for me, and for you. My goal is to have each and every one of you, write a story in one of my series and share your photos. Everyone has a story to tell! Enjoy some pictures that I took at the Event. And someday when we meet, ask me about my gorgeous hat from the event! That is another story!

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