In writing my series of Unforgettable Faces and Stories, I truly believe that everyone has a story to tell and pictures to share of “something” or someone……….I love going to new places and meeting new people! My husband Dan does as well and is my PR person! He saw a gentleman on a motorcycle yesterday that had pulled into a gas station with bags and gear piled up on his bike and stickers from all over the world on his cases. Danny started talking to him and he has been riding for three and a half years……yes, years! All over the world! He was headed to NJ where he would crate his bike up and return to his home country. Don’t want to give you too many details, but Danny was speaking with him and told him about my series and my upcoming book topic of motorcycle adventures. Of course he was excited and is participating and doing a story in that series. Well today, Danny was running errands and saw a motorcycle that he had never seen before in a parking lot. The gentleman came out that owned it and the bike was manufactured in Russia! And yes, he is doing a story as well!! Danny and I both love to ride and enjoy the adventures of it, and the people that we meet. There seems to be an instant bond between riders! So………upcoming series down the road will be on motorcycles and your ride! I met with Kirsten, our marketing partner for Unforgettable Faces and Stories, and we have lots of fun ideas coming up and think you will like them as well. We love how you are engaging with our posts, stories, and pictures! As we move ahead to our next series , “Small Town Memories”, we look forward in reading stories that YOU submit along with seeing YOUR pictures! This series is dear to my heart as I grew up in a small town. If you have ideas or suggestions, please email us! I would love to hear from you! Have a great week and keep a pen handy along with your camera. You never know who you will meet, what pictures you will take, or what story you will have to share!