Are you ready for some Football?????? Football season officially started last week. So many of us (ok, I am a huge Patriots fan) get so involved and passionate about our teams. We love the sense of cheering, yelling, and screaming for our team. We love the sense of being part of the event. We even yell at the TV screen, which gets bigger and bigger every year. How many of us yell at the ref when he makes the wrong call, of course when in favor of the “other” team. We make it an event that afternoon or evening as others do. We plan the food, and the drinks. It’s a ten course eating frenzy……..the hot wings, pizza, chips, dips, finger food, hot dogs, hamburgers, sausages, and the list goes on and on…….. Of course all the “not so good” for you food..…..but is goes along with the game. How many of us have our “traditions” when we watch the game? Each person sits in the same spot, wears the same shirt (we all remember when Belichick had that unlucky red shirt on as he entered the stadium during the Superbowl) Where was his cut-off sleeved sweatshirt???? Of course, we lost that game. Traditions……. If you have a particular tradition on game day, I would love to hear it! I would bet there are more than you think out there…….And then we have those of us that travel to be at the games. The tailgate party before and after……the corn-hole games……the grilling…….and who has the best food car or truck?????…….the list goes on and on………yes, we love football here in the US…… you begin the start of the season, remember…..take lots of pictures of those Unforgettable Faces and take notes of the Unforgettable Stories…….someday they may be in one of my series! So tonight I will watch the Patriots and Jets game, eating hot wings and drinking Blue Moon, wearing my traditional Patriot pants and Boston Red Sox shirt, screaming at the ref and cheering on my team “go Tommy and the boys”!!!!! Mitzi