Keepsakes: Treasures From The Heart

Keepsakes: Treasures From The Heart

We all have something that reminds us of someone we loved and lost. Our lives are so busy today and we are running around and always in a hurry. Sometimes we stop quickly…we never know when we will see it…and then we spot it, we stop in our tracks. It may be a vase that we have in our home and walk by it every day, a picture on the wall, an old wine bottle, a medal, a piece of jewelry, an old tea pot, a chair, or a chandelier hanging from the ceiling, something that reminds us or brings us back to a memory of a friend, a parent, a brother or sister, or husband or wife. That special someone who you thought would be around forever to share in your life, and then they were gone…We have little treasures at home — “keepsakes” that we hold, smell, look at, or even hug sometimes. The feelings we get of presence and love, we cannot describe, only feel. For these keepsakes help keep memories of our lost ones alive in our hearts, and knowing that they are very close to us in our everyday lives. Read these stories from these amazing people that share their most intimate feelings and memories of people that have died, and then pull out some of your keepsakes and know that your loved one is there very close to you. Shed a tear or bear a smile…and think and feel the memories of your “Keepsake”…


I really like the idea behind this book. It is “A collection of personal photos & stories of cherished memories”. I found myself thinking of my own stories as I read the stories from other people. Although I did not know any of these people, I could tell that we have shared emotions and loss.

Christopher Obert

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I went to the mailbox today to find out that today is MY lucky day!🍀 My copy of ‘LUCKY...Little Guy, BIG Mission’ has arrived!

Learn more about why this book is so awesome and inspiring by hitting the backstory link below. 50% of profits from book sales go toward supporting Christy’s dedication and efforts for adopting and training service and therapy dogs - as well as to her veterans’ sled hockey team.

Buy the book (or a stack of them) at
Eileen Doyon

Learn the backstory here, from the Pinstripes Media press release:
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