Lucky…Little Guy, BIG Mission

Lucky…Little Guy, BIG Mission 2

You fell in love with Lucky, a little puppy who was born different with an unusual front leg in Lucky…Little Guy, BIG Mission. Now read more of his adventures in Lucky 2! Christy Gardner, an Army Veteran who has two prosthetic legs and her service dog Moxie, brought Lucky into their home to care for him when no one else wanted him. Lucky’s dream was to be a Therapy Dog and to help people.  Christy worked and trained with Lucky to achieve his dream. He had to work really, really hard.  Moxie was right by his side showing him that it is ok to be different.  Read the adventures Lucky and Moxie had making his dream come true. Christy is now following her own dream, to help more people by training service/therapy dog. See how she shares her dream with Moxie, Lucky and Doug.  She will be building her facility on a street named Moxie’s Place.  She will call it, Mission Working Dogs. Lucky has more adventures and a BIG Mission to achieve! 

Everyone loves Lucky and you will too!

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Lucky 2 is Unforgettable...Lucky teaches kids 2-92 perseverance.Someone is watching Lucky and Moxie play. They say to Christy, "He does well with his disability". Christy says, "Disability, he does not have a disability. He can do whatever Moxie does. He finds a way!" ... See MoreSee Less
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Unforgettable...Thank you SSG Salemink for your service to our great country and thank you for sharing Lucky's adventures!!! Lucky 1 is on the Wounded Warrior Project list to read for teachers across the nation for "Honor Their Courage". Proceeds help fund Mission Working dogs.On Veteran's Day, A Co's TNG NCO, SSG Salemink, went to her son's school, Concordia Lutheran School and Church in Fort Wayne, IN and read a couple of Books to 3, 4, and 5 Year Old Classrooms and to one Kindergarten Class. She also brought an ACU Top and Patrol Cap for them to try on & they all felt very special to get their pitures taken. They asked questions and loved having a Veteran Come to read stories and to talk to them.The books read were: Lucky, little Guy, BIG Mission and Lucky, Little Guy, BIG Mission 2. It was a great time had by all! Thank you to the Teachers for the opportunity to come in and rearrange your schedules to fit her in to ... See MoreSee Less
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Cyber Monday is upon us! Kids face so many challenges in our world today. This Christmas give the gift of books designed to help kids thrive, grow and to know that it is ok to be different, anti-bullying and to never, never give up on their dream! Lucky...Little Guy, BIG Mission 1 & go to Mission Working Dogs. ... See MoreSee Less
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