Lucky…Little Guy, BIG Mission

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Lucky…Little Guy, BIG Mission

A true story about Lucky, a little puppy that only Christy Gardner, an Army Veteran who has two prosthetic legs, saw potential. He was a little puppy born with an unusual front leg.

Others saw him with a flaw, Christy saw him with lots of love to give. She was already training puppies to become service/therapy dogs. The story of Lucky is that of a special puppy with an incredible personality and a special mission.

Who knows what his fate would have been if Christy had not given him a helping hand? You see, Lucky was a puppy that no one wanted to care for. Christy immediately felt a connection with him.

Read how Christy and her service dog, Moxie, took Lucky into their home. He will warm your heart and put a smile on your face. Moxie teaches Lucky that he can do things like other puppies can, he just has to figure out his own way.

This story is about anti-bullying, and that being different is ok, and to never, never give up…happy trails!

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5.0 out of 5 stars Our differences make us unique and also connect us.
Obstacles can be big or small, but how we approach them is everything. We love this book. My 8 and 12 year old kids enjoyed it so much and it was meaningful to them in different ways. It’s perfect for all ages.

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Christy Gardner

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It's never ......"just a pet"........they are a part of your "family".....our pets are Unforgettable... ...

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