Starting over………..I have started over so many times in my life…I lost count.  Some by my choice and others not, but I have always grown and learned something.

I landed a job in New York and my start date was 12/1/16.  My cousin in New York had one of his apartments available 12/1/16 and said that I could have it.  It was five minutes from where I would be working.  Everything was falling into place.

We met up with friends Saturday night and had a blast.  We planned Christmas parties and get togethers….I was in seventh Heaven, and I was home.  How I loved to say those words.  We got up early Sunday morning and Danny left quickly.  We did not want sad goodbyes and knew it would be challenging but things were falling into place.  Sunday, I went grocery shopping and walked around town.  Danny was going to be dealing with his mom and the apartment by himself.  Danny’s ride back to New Hampshire was not fun for him.  I think reality settled in, and he called.  We talked and talked.  I felt awful and my heart was not in a good place.  I remember the feeling I had when my Dad was dying, and I had Danny as my rock, and I was not alone.  How could I do that to him now after all of his support to me?  After hours on the phone and many tears, I told him to come and get me on Monday, and I would come back to New Hampshire.