Message from Mitzi…….Memorial Day is right around the corner…we plan picnics, family barbeques, and time to open our camps…..but for many of us, Memorial Day is a time to visit our loved ones tucked away in a cemetery and honor their site with beautiful flowers, tears, and memories…..I always make sure I go home to Fort Edward, NY to do this prior to Memorial Day.  It is a pleasure to do this maybe because winter has come and gone and this time of year is so fresh with green grass, colors of flowers and trees.  It becomes an “awakening” if you will, of memories of loved ones passed.  I always take a deep breath and do my planting and raking with love.  I usually run into someone I know and give a smile, wave, or a hug, as we share the pain of loss, but somehow seeing others around, eases the emptiness, for we are never really alone…….So this year as you enjoy your holiday weekend, please remember your loved ones passed and take some time to reflect on days gone by and the ones that you shared those “special memories” with….safe travels…..Mitzi