A special poem from a mother to her best friend / daughter:


I don’t even know where to begin.
I’ll never forget the day you were born
I woke up in labor on Father’s Day morn.
I didn’t tell Dad right away, you see
I wanted to shower & he probably wouldn’t have wanted to wait for me!
We stopped at Nancy & Tim’s for their fancy camera for pictures
so I could show you off to my far away sisters.
We couldn’t take pictures with phones, iPads or such hype,
and we certainly didn’t have anything like Skype!
It’s no wonder Nancy was so nervous & looked sickly;
because once at the hospital, you were born quite quickly.
We were so happy to have such a beautiful baby girl
but with our family genes, it’s no wonder you sometimes act like a squirrel!
Even though your brother first wanted to feed you to the horses,
you ended up taking lots of teaching courses.
Although I’m so proud you’ve become a great teacher,
I’m not even sure that that’s your best feature.
There’s fashion, there’s beauty and you work hard to be fit,
but I think most of all, I love your wit.
Before this poem comes to an end
maybe it’s that you’re such a good friend.
So don’t worry at all about turning 30
to this list just add to your “gifts”, FLIRTY!!!

Love you to pieces, Rach!!