My Little Ottie

Today, September 19th marks the date two years ago that my little red head cat disappeared…….it was an awful year already….my dad had passed away from lung cancer in March.  I loved him more than anything in this world.  My uncle died of lung cancer as well in August…..God…how could you take my little buddy away…..I remember seeing him around 7:15’ish and saying to Danny that I would give him a little longer to stay outside before he comes in.  I always had a curfew for him.  He was hanging out by my garden and then nothing… was 1am and he still was not around.  He would come to my window and bang on the sil to come in, and nothing……I kept saying that I knew he would be home……..I called him and called him, and nothing……..I would stand out on our deck and just call for him and cry and cry… was this happening…..Danny went to all our neighbors homes…..asked them to check their garages, sheds, anything, looking for my little Ottie…….we searched Pease Tradeport behind our house…..we would go thru the woods calling and calling, looking up in the trees to see if he was stuck, and on the ground in case he was hurt…….we got posters made and put them  all thru the neighborhood and researched on line on what to do if your cat is missing….my dear friend, Donna, called and alerted all of her connections with kennels and rescues for animals, still no little Ottie…….the days were so long and how could this happen… little guy that was my rock for me right now…gone.

Every Saturday, I would go to the SPCA and look for him….nothing..I would go in and cry and cry looking for him and asking the girls behind the desk…..nothing…..we put ads in the newspaper and people would call with leads, and nothing.  One woman called and Danny and I ended up at the Walmart in Epping.  She said that she sees a cat late at night and sounded like my little Ottie…..yes, Danny and I would go there around 11pm searching for little Ottie…we would bring tuna fish, his favorite, and sit in our car waiting….and then…we saw him..or we thought it was him…it was not….it must have been a stray/wild cat that came out of the  woods and ate…yes, we even had one of our t shirts on the ground….they said that the cat would recognize the scent.  We made our rounds around the Walmart building for about one week and no Ottie…and every Saturday, I would go to the SPCA.

I cried and cried and was depressed…..we would circle around our neighborhood and call for him every day….weeks were going by…….Danny never told me to stop and I would not anyways….I wanted to find my little Ottie…see..he was a stray and got to me by a very long story for another time….he was a survivor and I knew that….I would yell and yell from  my deck, telling him to come home…..and checking every week at the SPCA…still no Ottie…..

It was Halloween….October 31st and we were expecting a snow storm and warnings were out about power shortages….Ottie hated rain and to get his little paws wet…..I was headed, yet again, to the SPCA…..before I went for a swim at the club….I went into the building and looked at the cats in the front and checked with the girl to see how long they kept their pictures up of missing cats….she was checking and I went into the last room and over to the corner on the bottom cage…..AND THERE I SAW HIM…MY LITTLE OTTIE!!!!!!!!!!!!    He was crouched down and just sitting there…..I screamed…OTTIE…no movement……I grabbed his ticket..they named him Cinnamon….and I was screaming….my cat, my cat…you have my cat!!!!  The girl came over and got me and brought me into a small room.  I am sure she wanted me out of the lobby acting crazy!!!  She got him for me and I cried and cried….he curled up and fell asleep on my bag.  I called Danny screaming and crying and he could not believe it……he came over and saw our little Ottie….I think I saw tears in his eyes too…….we packed him up and took little Ottie home after he was missing for six weeks……we got home and he jumped on our bed and curled up in the middle between the pillows….I cried and cried…..where did he go and what happened….he was found seventeen miles away!!!!!

I did find out a little, that a man and his coworker were working the second shift at a retirement home and it was pouring…..Ottie hated getting his little paws wet….the one went outside and told John there was a cat outside crying…they brought him in, fed him and John took him home.  He had already had three cats at  home…..Ottie was matted badly and full of fleas, and very, very hungry.  He took him to the SPCA the next day……..he said that the girls loved on him and Ottie seemed to like it a lot!!!!!

The SPCA has to keep them in the back for one week before they put them up for adoption.  That is why I had not seen him the week prior.  John actually went back the next day to get Ottie back and take him home…the people at the retirement loved little Ottie and thought he was cute…..SPCA would not give him back to John!  They said that they had to wait a week to see if his owner claimed him….God was watching out for me along with my angels,  and my little Ottie………John was upset, however, understood… I came in the exact morning that my little redhead, Ottie was going up for adoption……..It was noon and they opened at 11am that day!  Coincidence….I do not think so……I believed, never gave up, and count my blessings every day that my angels up above brought my little Ottie home………and yes, I spoil him rotten…….and hug him and kiss him every day… little Ottie……….his little Unforgettable Face that has a very long Unforgettable Story for sure……


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  1. Donna

    I remember the day you found Ottie like it was yesterday! We love him so very much. It was such a heartbreaking time for you – but with a happy ending.

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