Have you ever dreamed about writing and sharing your own stories but not sure where to begin?


We are so very excited to introduce a new segment of Unforgettable Faces and Stories. Here, we are inviting YOU to share YOUR story about a particular series we are currently working on, but……..have you ever sat back and said, “Someday I want to tell my story” or a story of something that happened in YOUR life that changed you forever? Your story may not be enough for a book, or perhaps you just do not want to deal with publishing, editing, the process, etc. Well, “My Someday Story” is for YOU!!!!!

We have listened to your suggestions and have created a new section on our website, “My Someday Story”. Here, you are given an opportunity to write YOUR own short story. We want all stories to go along with our theme of special people, events in our lives, moments that changed our life in a second, or a story that will leave you smiling or crying.

If you are interested, please email us and we will follow-up with you!  We are so excited for 2015 and look forward in reading YOUR story either in one of our new books coming soon or in our new short story section, “My Someday Story”.

Look for the first My Someday Story here mid-January…

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