The people we meet and the places we go……..I love meeting new people and everywhere you go is a new experience. This past weekend, Danny and I went to two local/New Hampshire Wineries. The first was incredible!!!!! Gorgeous grounds, beautiful building, the people were wonderful and informative!!!! We had a tour along with about ten other people. A couple was having their wedding there in February of 2014. Gorgeous place for a wedding. The landscaping was breathtaking. We tasted several wines and learned so much about wineries and the process. The two women there were informative and very friendly and enthusiastic……..Yes, we purchased some wine, a gift, and toured the grounds. We discovered that it took at least four years for grapes to harvest on your land before you can use them to make wine. I could go on and on. We even played a game of bocce ball, and yes, I won! The banquet facility had woodworking that was beautiful. From the moment you entered, it was a happening!!!!! So we ventured forth to the next winery! Looking forward to the next place, and the people we would meet. We drove by the Winery, missing the sign due to grass covering it, and turned around. We pulled in and a man was in the driveway working on something. He was the owner. We told him that we would like a “tour” and “tasting”. So, we walked across his front yard and down to the door into his basement. The ceiling was a suspended ceiling with sheets hanging up covering the tiles, which may or may not even be there…..he never told us his name, so I had to ask……he had won many awards and has been making wine for 32 years… was a little odd and we did not take any pictures……we tried about five different blends and that was it. He heard Danny say that we did not drink white wine, so did not offer any for us to taste. We did purchase one bottle/Red and left. One extreme to another……isn’t that so much like the people we meet every day! One extreme to another……… I so enjoy meeting those Unforgettable Faces and telling those Unforgettable Stories. That is what life is all about!!!! Have a great week! Mitzi