Pet Tales: Unconditional Love

pet tales
Pet Tales: Unconditional Love

Your heart will be captured by these beautiful stories in “Pet Tales”. From two to four legged and feather and fur, our pets have always had a special place in our lives and hearts. They are with us in good times and in bad times, and they always know how we feel. They give us attention and love when they sense that we need it most. We tell them everything and they sit there and listen! It is unconditional love. We always know when they want a walk, need to go outside, want a treat or just to be petted. We spell words because they know what certain words mean! They even have a Christmas Stocking hanging from the fireplace mantle! We give them baths. They come back all clean and sometimes with sweet ribbons. They take the first opportunity to roll in dirt. They ignore us sometimes pretending not to care, but they know the sound of our tires when we drive in and then greet us. We see their faces getting white hairs and sometimes they have a challenge in getting up…. Then there are special service dogs that are priceless! They give hearing, sight, confidence, and motion to those in need. They are companions to all. When the time comes that we lose them for whatever reason, our heart aches due to the fact that we just lost a family member. We believe in Rainbow Bridge…enjoy these special stories from the heart that are near and dear to us. Enjoy these Unforgettable Faces and Stories!


This book was amazing! Once I started reading the book I could not put it down. The stories are heartwarming. Some will make you laugh and others will make you cry but it truly is a book any pet lover would thoroughly enjoy! Thank you for letting us share our stories about our amazing pets! I can’t wait to read your other books! Donna Sears

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this is an Unforgettable video of our four legged family/friends..

Daily Mail
This blind dog has his own service dog to guide him when he goes out ❤️ See MoreSee Less

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4 days ago

Unforgettable Faces and Stories

Here’s one of the T-Shirts with drawings from the 3rd graders in Fort Edward, NY thanking First Responders! What an amazing afternoon it was sharing with them and seeing and hearing them talk about First Responders. They are also featured in "Patriots of Courage, Tributes to First Responders"

click here to see the kids that afternoon
click here to see "Patriots of Courage, Tributes to First Responders" – See MoreSee Less

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