Letters To Heaven




Unforgettable Faces and Stories continues our mission of “YOUR story told by YOU” with Letters To Heaven. Storytelling has been around for centuries. We are all storytellers. Today, we post to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, blogs, and other social media platforms. One thing is known for sure, we all still need that personal touch! Unforgettable Faces and Stories gives people, everyday people like you and I, an opportunity to tell our own story, and share our own feelings. As you read Letters To Heaven, you feel like you come to know these people and can appreciate their thoughts and words. You enjoy meeting their loved ones thru photographs that they share. It is here through storytelling that we can discover our own feelings, emotions, and share our life experiences. We tell our most intimate feelings and expressions on paper in not only for healing ourselves, but to help others relate that their feelings are normal and real. It reminds us that people in our own lives are most important. As you read these amazing letters, let them empower you to make stronger relationships in your own life today and to comfort your pain.


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