The Second My Life Changed Forever




The phone rang. My baby was born, He died, My eyes saw, I did not see, I heard, I read, I forgot, I sent….. all things that can change your life in a second. Unforgettable Faces & Stories continue our mission of “YOUR story told by YOU” with The Second My Life Changed Forever. You have an opportunity to read someone’s story about a situation in their own life, read their challenge or success and how they handled it. You will realize more than ever time is precious…..people we love are precious….. and things can change in one second…… It makes us realize how precious time really is and how we need to support a movement to care more about people, create that personal touch, the wanting to know more about who people are and what makes them tick. Everyone has something to offer us in our own life and to share with others…So come along, join our community of storytellers and read “The Second My Life Changed Forever” to see how people move forward, in time, with their lives.


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