Officially, my story began in February 2015, although you could say it actually started in the early nineties when I was at primary school. It was then that I discovered a love for creative writing.

“Of course, at ten years old, it wasn’t a life changing experience. There was no light bulb moment. It was just something I enjoyed doing – writing stories. Life continued as expected and once I left school, the writing stopped, over taken by real life commitments.

There was always this idea in the back of my head that one day I’d write a novel, but it was always just a pipe dream – something I would say I was going to do, but never really thought I would do. Even when I talked about doing it, I never really expected to actually do it.

Then in February 2015, something changed. I don’t know what exactly, but I decided it was time to write. I didn’t know where to start, and having not written anything for almost seventeen years, a novel seemed big. Too big. So I started a blog”.