Matthew Fayette is a man that is filled to the brim with courage, leadership, and loyalty. I am so very thankful that he has become a leading influence in my life. His kind, protecting, patriotic, and tenacious personality has carried him far through life.  When he was younger, after he graduated from his pilot training introductory class, at the age of only 16, Fayette received a pair of silver pilot wings. To him this signified what he dreamed to be in the future, a pilot.

He met with the two of us later (2017), individually, to tell us about how he was inspired when he was younger. Those silver pilot wings he received when he was 16, were his greatest inspiration and he would turn to them for encouragement whenever he doubted his future as a pilot for the Air Force. He then presented both Nevin and I  with a 2nd Lieutenant pin for us each to have as inspiration for our futures in the Marines and Air Force respectively.

Harsh transition?