Roughing it weekend! Went up to northern Maine this past wkend…..spent the days with Danny’s family and had a great time! Away from all the hustle and bustle. Why does it feel so great to get away from “everything”????? Is it because of the hectic world we live in today? Stayed in their log cabin (gorgeous) which they just rebuilt completely….and the décor was everything from stuffed bears, homemade quilts to homemade furniture. We pack everything we can think of to complete the comforts of home, but it really doesn’t matter cause we figure it out if we forget something. That actually is part of the fun. We feed the stove for heat with wood that we chop ourselves, cook food on the old pot belly stove, and it always tastes so much better. We sit around the campfire, talk about the past, sports/the Red Sox and Patriots, and just stuff. We laugh, tell jokes, have a few beers, and some made-up mixed drinks that you never have heard of. We don’t take showers for three days, and no one really cares. At night, the lights with the generator go out, and it is pitch black. Kind of spooky at first, but was really nice. We go shooting guns at targets we make ourselves, and go 4 wheeling for hours through the woods looking for moose. We meet other 4 wheelers along the way and wave. Everyone is your friend there. We did not see a one…but that is ok. The hunt is what makes it fun. We go for walks in the woods and look at the gorgeous views of the mountains….the colors have peaked a few weeks ago, but it is still beautiful and breathtaking, and you stand in awe of the beauty of the mountains. Our dinner one night was caught in the morning (pheasant) and cooked all day in a huge pot. Everyone pitches in and makes something. The home cooked food tastes so good! We actually watched the Red Sox game…yes, even a tv is there……..but why is it so relaxing???? Is it because we are just so far away from the everyday world? No computers…yes, we cheated with I-phones, but the simplicity……..that’s what it is…….the day is simple ……along with the chores, and everyone just “hangs” out and talks to one another……We help everyone pack up to venture home, say our goodbyes til next year at the same time…Roughing it outdoors may not be so rough after all! Unforgettable Faces and Stories for sure!!!!

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