My “Best Friend” series is beginning to wrap up. If you have a story to share from your heart about your “Best Friend”, you still have some time. Please email me and we can discuss. Would love to hear from you! Don’t wait til the book is published and say, “I wish I wrote about mine”………….
In preparing for my next series, “Small Town Memories”, I came upon a photo on Facebook yesterday. There was a photo and caption that read, “Everybody dies famous in a small town”. I read this over and over and agreed. They do! In growing up in a small town myself in Upstate New York, there is something very special about the people who grew up there and many that still live there. It is different………they say that it takes a town/village/community to raise a child, and there is so much truth to that. Everyone watches out for you…..everyone knows you…..that can be good, or that can be bad! There is the librarian, who reminds you of your mom, the woman with the warm smile that says good morning to all the kids every day that works in the cafeteria, the bus driver who knows you by your first name, the waitress who knows how you like your coffee without asking, the person who works in the local corner mart that always asks about your mom and dad, the dentist that had your entire family as patients, the older man that walks his dog every day at the same time and has the same path, and the teacher that tells you that you will do great things someday. There are so many more…………these people are famous……famous to you! Small towns are the heartbeat of America and the people are great! So…..if you grew up in a small town, please keep your eyes on our Facebook page and website for details. You can share pictures and stories of the famous people who grew up, lived, or perhaps died there. That picture on Facebook really hit home with me, no pun intended. I truly feel that there are so many famous towns out there, and they have so many pictures and stories to be shared and enjoyed by others. Some of us have left and never gone back, some stayed, some moved out of state and visit periodically, and some have died there……….what will your famous story be and what famous pictures will you share of your Small Town Memories?