Starting Over…

Starting Over……..beginning again………………..the next theme in my book series, Unforgettable Faces and Stories!  

No one really likes starting over, facing the unknown, but sometimes life forces you to whether you want to or not.  It can be a beautiful, exciting experience…a fresh start…or a painful, stressful, unbearable start of a change.  

Have YOU started over either by choice or force?  Then we want to read YOUR Story Told by YOU!  

Unforgettable Faces and Stories is a “happening” ……YOUR happening.  Where else can everyday people like you and I go to tell our own story, be a part of a community of storytellers and readers?  We are a movement.  

Become an inspiration to others.  Go to  our Coming Soon” page for details and email me to get your name in.  

Always remember for whatever YOUR change you want to happen or new start in YOUR life YOU want to happen……..YOU had the Power all along, My Dear…….by Glinda

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