Starting Over………a new beginning

You have always wanted to write a book.  You never got started….You did not know where to begin, or did not have enough content, or perhaps felt that people would think that you are silly.  

Well now you can!  Come along with us on a movement of readers and storytellers!  YOUR Story Told by YOU!  You have a story to tell, a story to share!  You can inspire someone else or help someone else by sharing your experience so they do not feel alone in their situation.  

You can hold a book in your hands and say, “I am an author.  I wrote a story in this published book.  Please read it!”  You can autograph your chapter that you wrote and give to friends and family.  Perhaps now you will move forward and write an entire book on your own!  How great is that!

Here’s how:

So, we want to read YOUR Story Told by YOU!  Join our community and movement at Unforgettable Faces and Stories!  Become an inspiration…become an author!

Go to our Coming Soon page and email me and get your name in for a chapter.  Stories are starting to come in, but you have until May 1st!

Always remember for whatever YOUR change you want to happen or new start in YOUR life YOU want to happen…..YOU had the power all along, My Dear… Glinda