Starting Over: Stories of New Beginnings

Starting Over: Stories of New Beginnings

What happens when you start over…begin again. Nobody likes starting over. Sometimes life’s situation forces you to whether you want to or not. There are those of us who love the thrill and excitement of a new adventure and throw ourselves right in to a new beginning. But it is hard, really hard, and scary. This is why so many of us stay in a job we hate, and unhealthy relationships. It is easier than staring over. But starting over can be so exciting, so liberating, and so rewarding. I would love each and every one of you to consider starting over in something today, learn something new. Begin again. As you read these stories of people starting over, some by their own choice, some not, visualize yourself in an area of your own life about starting over….a new beginning. It will be worth it for you in the long run.

This is such a great book full of DIFFERENT kinds of ‘new beginnings’! So there is a story everyone can relate to and there are stories creating more understanding for those ‘strangers’ around you while reading it. Who haven’t had to begin all over again once in his life? There are so many struggles we don’t know about because we only see the smiling, good looking outside. What a valuable book Eileen Doyon has made! Reading about all those ‘normal’ people, getting to know their coping skills, their resources, their plans and missions for the future. It’s inspiring! So glad you found your mission Eileen and made it happen in such a great way!! You’re an example to all of us!
Ella de Jong

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I went to the mailbox today to find out that today is MY lucky day!🍀 My copy of ‘LUCKY...Little Guy, BIG Mission’ has arrived!

Learn more about why this book is so awesome and inspiring by hitting the backstory link below. 50% of profits from book sales go toward supporting Christy’s dedication and efforts for adopting and training service and therapy dogs - as well as to her veterans’ sled hockey team.

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Eileen Doyon

Learn the backstory here, from the Pinstripes Media press release:
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