Today was an inspiring and humbling day! I was invited to attend the Danvers Author Expo. I was too late to participate and because I had not attended one prior, I decided that going as a “guest” would be best without knowing what to expect. There were over 90 authors, publishers, and other businesses. It was a little uncomfortable at first, but uncomfortable is a good thing for us as people! When I decided to publish my first two books, I never intended to do a “series”. The response was so very much encouraging, that I decided to go for it. What did I have to lose?

I thought about that a lot today as I spoke to people who have been writing for years and those who just published one book. I spoke to one woman who experienced both her parents dying at the same time under different situations and decided to write a book about “caring for your sick parent”. I related so much to that and another one on what to expect as your parents age. What a great read for those of us in our 50’s and our parents are ready to make that journey in their life. All to prepare us, but of course nothing really does. There were horror books, mystery books, along with many other topics.

It was a great experience and everyone was so helpful and informative……so, what does this have to do with my blog for this week? As I met and talked to just about everyone…..this is my thought….people were there from all walks of life and of all ages……if you are thinking about trying something new, something that you have always wanted to do, but never have…..go for it……don’t wait… not try to have everything figured out before you try… will find the answers as you go……it may not be in your time table, but you will figure it out…..I had no clue what so ever as to how to publish a book… husband did not say much because he knew I was trying to make it thru the healing stage……but I just flew by the seat of my pants….did I do everything correctly? NO…..Would I have done things differently? Absolutely…but I took a step of faith…..this is not about me and what I did…this is about YOU!!! What have YOU been thinking about doing? What have you really wanted to do in your life?
I joke with my dear, dear friends, Bill and Sandy… saying now is……’re 55 years old. You need to do what you want to do, and you can do what you want to do!!!! You only have 10 more years…..10 more years til you are 65, and then what???? Or if you are 20, 30, or 40….ten years goes quickly….so…..if you have your list of “to do’s” in your life….won’t it be great to scratch one off your list and then another?

So, take that first step…..the next one after that won’t be so bad!