Our hot summer month of July in New England is upon us and the summer fun is here!!!  So many activities on our calendar and so many places to go and people to see.   As myself, just getting back from an awesome alumni wkend in upstate New York.  Had a blast and great to see friends.  I even talked about my trip on my previous blog that was coming up.  I talked about Small Town Memories and Best Friends coming up in my series.  I am extremely excited about those, but who wouldn’t be…..they are fun topics!   Then I was humbled by an interview that my friend’s father did with his son and nephew that we watched Saturday night at their home.  Ed served in WWII and they interviewed him.  It was about thirty minutes long of specific questions that they asked him.  It was incredible to watch and listen.  It was almost as Ed wanted to share, however, no one ever asked him and they never brought it up in conversation.  I thought how awesome this is to do for your legacy, but more for them to take your time and show them that you care and are interested in how they served.  I cried, but it was a good cry.  I ask each of you to think about interviewing someone in your own family that has fought in the war…cause one day it may be too late, and you will never know…and they will never have an opportunity to tell their stories both sad and funny….we did laugh as well…This morning I was also humbled as I read in today’s paper about a town in my area celebrating its 300th birthday.  The Color Guard was there and raised our Stars and Stripes and then played the taps as a flag-folding ceremony was held.  A WWII Veteran attended.  He was 91 years young and wore a black tuxedo with his service medals.  It brings me back to our great military who served and fought for our freedom, and who continue to do so, so that we can do the things we love to do in the summertime and all year round.  So much to be thankful for.  As summer continues and all of our outings and gatherings occur, please thank a Veteran, and enjoy your summer, and think about having your loved one tell their war story to you and yours!  It will truly mean so much to them, and it will warm your heart………Mitzi