Thank you Jeanne Buesser for sharing your story in The Second My Life Changed Forever! And thank you for sending this great email! It is people like you that make our mission of building a community of storytellers possible!


I love the book. Your choices of stories are a really nice mix. It was inspiring reading all of them. When we go through hard times we all have to face our demons and not realize the strength we all have to be able to do it. Also that it is when we are in dispair or at our lowest point is when the answers come the power to change ourselves and the direction.  We may not realize this at that time, or get an aha moment until afterwards when we are able to breathe again,appreciating the opportunity afterwards in hindsight until much later.

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Author,Poet,He Talks Funny,Journey From Darkness To Light, Moonlight Till Dawn, Willow Tree Water Line coming soon!

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