“Lucky 2: Little Guy, BIG Mission” Submitted photo

You fell in love with Lucky, a little puppy who was born with an unusual front leg, in “Lucky: Little Guy, BIG Mission.” And now you can read more of his adventures in “Lucky 2.”

Christy Gardner with Lucky and Moxie. Submitted photo

Christy Gardner, an Army veteran who has two prosthetic legs, and her service dog Moxie brought Lucky into their home to care for him when no one else wanted him. Gardner worked and trained with Lucky to teach him to be a therapy dog. Throughout the training Moxie was right by Lucky’s side showing him that it is OK to be different.

Gardner is now following her own dream to help more people by training service/therapy dogs. She has been training service dogs and therapy dogs for the past ten years and is expanding her dream to help more Mainers in need. Mission Working Dogs was founded in July 2020 as a local non-profit and serves to train service dogs and therapy dogs for the local community. The organization has started construction on a new training center in Maine. For more information, visit missionworkingdogs.org.

“Lucky 2: Little guy, BIG Mission” is available for sale at unforgettablefacesandstories.com/luckylittle-guy-big-mission and is also available on Amazon. Proceeds go to Gardner to support Mission Working Dogs.