This week I was drawn to write about my upcoming series, “Best Friends”.  I went searching for the lyrics of “That’s What Friends Are For”……I remembered many of the words and thought it would be nice to write about in promoting people to write a story about their “Best Friend”.  I personally have a connection to this song, and went to YouTube to listen to it again….…tears ran down my face and memories kicked in of a very special memory of this song……we grow up with very special people in our lives thru Kindergarten, Grade School, High School , and beyond.  We meet up with new friends and created memories with them, and they become part of that special circle of friends.  Well….a few years back, six of us met up at different airports with the destination of visiting a very dear, special friend of all of us………we hadn’t seen her in a while and the bunch of us had never really “hung out” all together at one time.  We were met with Hawaii leis at the airport (no, we were not in Hawaii) and thus started our adventure for the weekend…….we visited and talked, and had some cocktails til all hours of the night, gambled, had a limo for the night (what happens in the limo, stays in the limo) did some bar hopping, shopped, ate, got tattoos (can’t say too much about that one either) and just hung out.  Before we left, I thought of the song…..”That’s What Friends Are For” and wanted to surprise our good friend and all sing it to her before we left…..well, we managed to print out copies and the stage was set at her home, and there we were…….we started singing………we sang our hearts out…a little off key, but we all cried and cried and did not know how to describe or thank each person and our host for the special memories of that song along with the weekend…………….so….in your crazy, busy, hectic lives…stop for a moment and think of a very special person, your Best Friend, or two or three…….we would love to read your story!!!!!

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