Our most recent book, “Starting Over: Stories of New Beginnings” is available thru Eileen via PayPal.  You can have yours signed and shipped out. Other books are limited or you can order thru Amazon

10 things you maybe did not know aboutUnforgettable Faces and Stories:

1)    We are stories from every day people

2)    Each story is true and is written by each individual

3)    We are international

4)   We strive to heal and inspire all of our readers

5)   YOU become a published author in having us choose YOUR story for one of our books

6)   We are creating a movement of readers and storytellers

7)   Our themes are decided so that a wide variety of ages can participate

8)   By participating, you can launch your own book writing

9)   Our books are designed so that you can pick up at any time where you leave off

10)  We keep to our motto – YOUR story told by YOU!