I want to welcome you to my first blog……..it has been quite a journey in publishing Dedications-Dads & Daughters, and Keepsakes, Treasures From the Heart.  The loss of family members early in my life has been extremely difficult, and most recently I lost my dad to lung cancer and was with him til the end.  I have been trying to figure out how to deal with death due to it being so much a part of my life.  Most people will deal with loss at some point in their lifetime.  The past two years have been depressing, complicated, and dark.   In receiving two treasures last year, my dad’s dog tags, and my grandmother’s chandelier, it meant so much to me, my attitude, and my outlook on my own life.  I felt their presence and their love all around me.  I knew that others in my situation had to feel the same way.  If so, I wanted to help.  So that became my mission….to help others talk about their loved ones who have passed and to tell their stories of their own personal keepsakes.  Our military is very precious to me.  We owe so much to our veterans that have served and protected our country.   So this became my theme of my second book.

People were so excited, emotional, happy, and sad all in one, but it was all good.  We laughed and cried talking about memories and stories of loved ones.  Sometimes, those feeling are buried deep down due to the crazy hectic lives we all live, and sometimes it just hurts too much to think or talk about.  Everyone’s comments were so supportive and positive.  It really became a healing to all and made people feel good.

So, in this hectic life, I have decided to run a series of books titled “Unforgettable Faces and Stories”.  We all need to stop and think about people in our lives, both past and present, and stories of those unforgettable magic moments.

Enjoy these first two books, and I invite you back to my website to view future “Unforgettable Faces and Stories” and would love to have you share your photos and your stories of magic moments in your life.